Batman v. Superman Wooden Bow Ties

Posted: March 19, 2016
Batman v. Superman Wooden Bow Ties
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As Batman and Superman duke it out on the big screen for Best (and Most Smug) Superhero, you and your friend Cornelius can clip on a pair of WoodnAx Batman and Superman wooden bow ties and duke it out in real life for Best Dressed.

The bat-shaped Dark Knight bow tie is made of walnut and elm woods with black leather accents. Superman's "S" cutout bow tie is made of what Batman would like to turn the Man of Steel into (at least in the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice previews--fingers crossed they work out their differences and become crime-fighting best friends!): Ash. It has a dapper yellow polka-dotted center tie so fanboy Clark Kent can wear it to work.

WoodnAx began when equal parts nature and lookin' good lover Brad Jones bought his first wooden watch a few years ago. He got enough inquiries about and compliments on it that he decided to launch an entire collection of curated lifestyle swag of his own. In addition to a full line of wooden bow ties, WoodnAx also carries wood sunglasses, watches, and cufflinks.

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