Batman Flask Belt Buckle

Posted: July 10, 2012
Batman Flask Belt Buckle
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It may not aid him in faceoffs with the Joker, but this inconspicuous 3-ounce flask is the one secret weapon on Batman's utility belt that helps him fight the urge to bitch slap Robin. And Alfred when he starts getting all preachy. In fact, off the record, the Dark Knight has been known to credit a Macallan 18-year-old Scotch for his trademark composure and stoicism.

Both juiced-up superhero and standard edition pant-holding belts measuring 1 1/2" wide thread easily through the Batman Flask Belt Buckle's oblong loops. The flask itself fits snugly inside the buckle's casing, where the harnessed power of 1,000,000 babies hold it in place. (OK, a couple magnets.) Flasks are stainless steel and front-etched with the Batman logo. Sides have a satin finish, while the top and bottom are polished. The flask measures 3 5/8" x 2 3/4"; combined with the buckle, overall measurements are 3 7/8" x 2 15/16".

Each Batman Flask Belt Buckle arrives in a gift box. As a joke. Like anyone would order one, and then give it to someone else.

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