ZipStitch - ER Quality Wound Closure from Anywhere

Posted: November 18, 2019
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From ZipStitch: Now is a great time to try this must-have device for your first aid kits. Dude readers can get up to 50% off ZipStitch when you use the promo code DUDE30 at Zipstitch.us. (Get 30% off with code + a 20% volume discount off 5 for a total of 50%).

With ZipStitch, you can take suturing wounds into your own hands. The device is a non-invasive skin-stitching alternative that can both save you exorbitant ER costs when you're home, and save you exorbitant blood loss when you're off outdoor activity-ing, and getting to an ER would be impossible. Or at least a total buzzkill.

The ZipStitch suturing tool is the most advanced wound closure device available without a prescription. Zip Technology has been used in over 600,000 procedures in hospitals worldwide, with testing showing that ZipStitch offers better wound protection than butterfly bandages and strips. Each surgical-quality "zipper" consists of 4 medical-grade polymer closures secured between a pair of 1.5" translucent strips. Strips are made of a hydrocolloid pressure-sensitive adhesive designed to stay in place, even when they get wet, for up to a week.

A single ZipStitch will cover an open wound up to 1-1/2" long, and serve as a sort of scaffolding to isolate and protect it from yanking back open during healing. Once in place, pull on the eye handle ends of each closure to tighten it, choosing the tension you need at each location to pull your gaping skin hole shut. If your laceration is larger than 1-1/2", apply multiple ZipStitches.

In addition to the closure tool, ZipStitch kits come with gauze to help stop bleeding, an alcohol wipe for wound cleaning, and a bandage to cover that nasty no one wants to see up once you've got it stitched shut.

ZipStitch is easy to carry with you for use in the car, outdoors, or around the house, and offers a little extra peace of mind for you or the adventurer in your life.

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