Virtual Mate - Worlds' First Virtual Intimacy System

Posted: March 17, 2020
Virtual Mate - Worlds' First Virtual Intimacy System

Virtual Mate is preparing to release some very slick - like, Astroglide slick - new technology. Self-described as "the world's first virtual intimacy system," Virtual Mate is a hyper-realistic VR sex game for your PC, laptop, mobile device, or VR Headset primed to beguile and get off everyone from gamers to, well, dudes with a pulse.

See the lovely lady in the image above? That's Sheila. Virtual Mate V.1., who doesn't look so virtual to the eyes of this dude. You dudes can also see and hear her in action (NSFW action, mind you) in the accompanying video, as well as on the Virtual Mate website. Virtual Mate has recently also launched the Live Sheila Show for those interested in some foreplay leading up to the full VR intimacy system's release.

Not bad, 'eh? And Sheila is just the beginning.

In addition to the lifelike Sheila game graphics and movement, Virtual Mate comes with a multi-functional piece of hardware they call the Core. As in the Core of your lust. The Core of your pleasure. The Core of the reason you start staying home alone on Friday nights rather than risking another bunk Tinder date that goes nowhere. The Core collects and transfers motion data (read: jacking off) to your Virtual Mate. Sheila can "feel" and react to depth, speed, and strength, and respond in real-time.

As for the game component of Virtual Mate, you can choose from 3 play modes: Story; Fast; and VR. Story mode requires the most time, but for dudes who like buildup and role-playing, it's one of the most distinctive features of Virtual Mate. A kind of sexy, interactive Choose Your Own Adventure game, Story Mode allows plots to unravel and grow in the same way as a big-budget Hollywood film. You'll learn more about Sheila as you spend time together, and, according to Virtual Mate, "build a deeper connection with her. It's a physical, mental, and emotional journey."

At printing, Virtual Mate was seeking to expand virtual girlfriend options beyond Sheila. They've selected other (real) women to serve as potential future models, and as the system gets authorization from more hot celebrities and influencers they can to turn their likenesses into Virtual Mates too. The company is also working on a version geared towards women.

Click here to read more (and see more NSFW stuff) about Virtual Mate, and to become an early backer of the forthcoming VR sex tech. You'll need to pledge your libido's support soon if you want to take advantage of Virtual Mate's introductory pricing, which also includes lifetime upgrades.

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