Romance of Men Zen Series Chef's Knives

Posted: April 28, 2020
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If the kitchen is your happy place, slice 'n' dice in even more zen while you cook with a knife from the new Zen Series of Damascus steel chef's knives from Romance of Men. Available in Classic and Japanese styles, the blades have VG10 steel cores, coated in 66 layers of SUS410 steel forged in the textured Damascus style. In addition to serene, flowing-water visuals, this blade method also brings high strength, durability, and stain resistance to your favorite cooking companion.

Zen Series blades have a 60+ Rockwell hardness and are double beveled, with each hand-finished at 16 degrees per side for watch-your-fingers sharpness out of the box. A sandblasted finish increases blade surface area, and micro-abrasions help prevent steel rust and corrosion over time.

Both the Classic and Japanese Style Zen Series chef's knives have ergonomic, natural wood handles coated in water-resistant finishes. The Japanese knife's triangular blade and straight handle give it an overall length of 34.5cm (13.6"); blade length is 22cm (8.7"). The Classic knife sports a curved blade and handle, with a 33cm (13") total length and 20cm (7.9") blade length.

Zen Series chef's knives are available in the Romance of Men online store, as are extensive collections of stunning Damascus, folding, and fixed blade knives for EDC and utility outside the kitchen. For a limited time, Dude readers can also chop of Zen Series prices - use the code BRO at checkout for a 25% discount.

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