Mini Materials Construct-a-Block Sets

Posted: November 27, 2020
Mini Materials Construct-a-Block Sets
$12 - $40
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Want a building brick that's a little more...concrete? Mini Materials Construct-a-Blocks are 1:12 scale building sets based on the company's popular miniature cinder blocks, but with nubs and notches rather than complete cutouts, to make them easier to stack and connect.

Mini Materials makes their Construct-a-Blocks in "mid" and "top" sizes, the former with 2 nubs / notches and 1.33" long x .66" wide, and the latter with 1 nub /notch and 0.66" square. Mixed sets of 24 and 50 are available, both of which include a Mini Materials wood pallet for storing your Blocks. You can also build on your Construct-a-Block collection with sets of just mids or just tops, as well as the Mini Materials Ultimate Warehouse Kit, a grandaddy stash of Construct-A-Blocks, cinder blocks, mid-century modern block, red bricks, 1:12 scale lumber, and cinder block mortar.

Holiday gift buyers, plus those ready to try their own hands at some Construct-a-Block creativity, can click here to learn more about the Mini Materials Construct-a-Block series, and purchase sets of their own.

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