How To Read Minds Kit

Posted: November 15, 2019
$99 - $124
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Liven up your party game by offering up a decidedly un-boring service to fellow guests: reading their minds. No, not "intuiting" they want another drink or need to use the bathroom. The How To Read Minds Kit from Ellusionist and Peter Turner boxes up 20+ techniques that will teach you to thrill and give chills, as you go into mind meld mode with anyone, and emerge able to:

  • Know the unlock code to their phone
  • Reveal any word they think of
  • See inside their mind and pull out a thought
  • Predict their choices before they make them
  • Know their 4-digit credit card PIN
  • Draw the exact object they secretly drew
  • Guess a serial number on a borrowed bill
  • Predict the total of randomly-generated numbers

Ellusionist and Turner have developed the How To Read Minds Kit for both amateur mind readers, and complete newbies to the psychic trickery world; no prior experience or skills are required to learn the methods to this (making other people think they're suffering) madness. Legendary mentalist and mind reader Turner conducts the lessons via downloadable or streamable videos, sharing the secrets he uses to get inside people's heads and freak them the F out...in a good way. Truly, How to Read Minds is all fun and games, a source of entertainment that turns you - whether you're still a shy wallflower or already a big fat ham - into the entertainer.

Click here to learn more about the How to Read Minds Kit, and pledge for one of your own by December 6, 2019. Ellusionist guarantees backers will have their wing men to mentalism shipped before Christmas.

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