Colombian Raptor Machete

Posted: March 09, 2018
Colombian Raptor Machete
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Use the Colombian Raptor Machete to bushwhack your way through the backwoods on your next hiking trip, or just through the backyard come spring when you get tasked with trimming and weeding the winter overgrowth. BUD K calls the Colombian Raptor an "all-purpose machete," so I myself plan to use it as a letter opener until it's time to hit the trails and the English yews.

The Colombian Raptor Machete's 11-3/4" blade was designed to swoop down and attack like its namesake, both from its 3Cr13 stainless steel straight edge, and from the flip side, where it bears a row of sawback teeth and a gut hook. On the gripping end the machete has a brown ABS handle capped off with a lanyard hole. Overall length is 18".

The Colombian Raptor Machete comes with a nylon belt sheath. Click here to head over to BUD K and grab one of the beastly blades for yourself.

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