The Better Ice Scraper

Posted: December 01, 2022
The Better Ice Scraper
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Welp, we know what The Better Ice Scraper thinks of itself. No insecurity issues there. I guess that makes it an even better gift for teens - they can gain confidence from it at the same time they gain confidence in using it. Every winter morning. To scrape off Mom's and Dad's cars in addition to, and in exchange for getting one of their own.

I don't care if you think the 2008 Mazda3 is a "junky POS," Olivia! You said you wanted a car, and we got you a car! And don't forget to use that Better Ice Scraper thing on my side windows and side view mirrors too!

So named for being fast, smart, and easy, The Better Ice Scraper has an ergonomic grip design that eliminates hand and wrist strain, and can both chip and clear ice in the same back-and-forth motion. That gives it its "fast" designation, and is due to a set of teeth on one side and a smooth blade on the other, both of which maintain constant contact with your windshield surface. The frost blade also uses maker Better Stuff's Shape Shifting Technology, so it can conform to the shape of any auto window for more efficient clearing.

Despite its domed shape, The Better Ice Scraper is still small enough to fit in a glove box or door compartment. Or Christmas stocking, if you're looking for stocking stuffer ideas.

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