WaterBlade Stingray Motorized Stand Up Paddleboard

Posted: July 20, 2017
WaterBlade Stingray Motorized Stand Up Paddleboard

Whoa, the WaterBlade Stingray has a lot more than stand up paddleboard going on. Where to start with this rideable surface glider?

First, the obvious: its revamped SUP design. The WaterBlade looks like a cross between a shark's pointy-tailed cousin and one of those electric tabletop drum kits. The latter of which is sort of fitting because the Stingray model is indeed an electric board, fitted with a 12V Lithium battery that powers a 5-speed motor. (Motor use is optional; you can also muscle up and paddle the olden days way.)

To improve portability WaterBlades are also inflatable, folding down and latching into a compact and tidy package when not in use.

And last, the strangest thing going on with this motorized SUP: to "make WaterBlading more fun!" the company suggests you, "Create your Avatar" prior to hopping on one. Check out the green man in the loin cloth and the fiesta-ready luchadore in the above gallery for some tips on putting together a persona.

WaterBlade Stingrays measure 67" wide x 58" long and have a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds. Packages come with the drop-stitch fabric and PVC board, the battery and motor system, a waterproof phone / wallet bag, a 3-piece paddle, a propeller safety cage, a kill switch, an ankle leash, an air pump, and a rain cover for the WaterBlade's speed controller.

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