Underwater Jetpack

Posted: September 24, 2015

Supermarinovation asks, "Have you ever been snorkelling and seen something incredible below you, but haven't been able to get to it before your breath runs out?" To which I say, "Sure." And follow up with, "And have you ever been snorkelling and seen something incredibly scary that is definitely going to bite, sting, or inject dozens of fiberglass bristles into your hand, but you haven't been able to get away from it before you start hyperventilating and choking on salt water?" I think the point is: the x2 Sport Underwater Jetpack has tons of swell uses!

Supermarinovation is crowdfunding the first in their series of Underwater Jetpacks, personal propulsion devices intended to give swimmers and snorkelers a boost of speed so they can go deeper and farther without a full SCUBA system. The x2 Sport consists of a backpack module that feeds power to a pair of forearm-mounted hydra thrusters with handheld controls. Wearers can activate Human Torpedo Mode with a squeeze, and achieve speeds of 6+ mph.

The x2 Sport Underwater Jetpack uses a 24000mAh Li-ion battery that provides 15 minutes of constant, full power per charge. The power comes from a pair of 1800W digital motors able to deliver 30kg of thrust.

Read more about the x2 Sport and, if you've got the cash, pledge for your own on IndieGoGo through the end of October 2105.

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