Subwing - Underwater Hang Glider

Posted: March 15, 2012
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You know those dreams you have when you're flying, spinning, disoriented, or drowning? They're all about to come true. At once. The SUBWING underwater glider attaches to a rope and boat at one end, and your death grip at the other to whisk and thrash body, soul, and digestive tract through the subsurface jungle.

OK, maybe every spin on the SUBWING doesn't instill fear and nausea. Apparatus speed, position, and acrobatics are allegedly entirely up to the rider. You can choose to glide peacefully at a lazy river pace above the water's surface, or along the sandy ocean floor, exploring the scenery, and enjoying your temporary weightlessness with minimal exertion. Once a 15-meter rope is attached to the towing boat, speeds of around 2.5 mph are all that's necessary to create a smooth and enjoyable ride.

But if chill isn't your thing, or your heart needs a strong shot of adrenaline, the SUBWING's flyers also give riders the power to transform into a true creature of the ocean. Tilting the wings right or left allows for dramatic dives, lateral ricochets, and exhilarating corkscrew spins. You'll be just like Free Willy or that Rastafarian crab from The Little Mermaid.

To use the SUBWING, you'll need a boat (duh), rope attachment, and diving mask. A snorkel and fins are optional. No SCUBA tanks, though, por favor. SUBWING doesn't explicitly state what the ramifications of compressed air, a lightweight wing, and a speeding vessel are, but we assume concussions, amputations, and explosions make the list.

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