Speedo Hydro Shredders

Posted: August 29, 2018
Speedo Hydro Shredders
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Aqua aerobics has never looked so macho! Speedo's Hydro Shredders are plastic pool mitts designed with valves and tubercle technology that create heavy resistance when used either underwater or at its surface. Part of a larger Speedo Fit water training line, the Hydro Shredders focus on strength building and intense workouts for the upper body.

The Hydro Shredder shape, configuration, and cutouts enhance planar movements, channeling water flow to max out resistance in all directions during use. Sold as a set, the mitts have an extended handle size with non-slip grips.

In addition to a gift for an athlete, Hydro Shredders could be a good option for people who want to build strength and stamina without heaving around plates and dumbbells in the weight room, or creating a ton of joint impact. Thanks to its buoyancy, the risk of injury during water workouts is much lower.

Unless you can't swim.

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