SolFit Yoga Board

Posted: March 12, 2019
SolFit Yoga Board
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You may have mastered Down Dog on land, but how about on water? The SolFit Aquatic Fitness Mat is a yoga board is designed for yogis to use in the pool or open water, where they can take their balance, coordination, and spatial awareness to the next level fighting against the feedback of a liquid surface. Given my own ass-over-tea-kettle history with stand up paddleboarding, I doubt I'd be able to get through the first Sun Salutation without wiping out.

Could make yoga class a helluva lot more interesting though.

The SolFit Aquatic Fitness Mat measures a rigid 94" x 36" x 6", and is covered with a 5'10" x 30" tract pad - the marine equivalent of a yoga mat - for comfort during use. It has a 275-pound weight capacity. The yoga board also comes with a GoPro mount at the front center of the mat to ensure that, true to the spirit of yoga, every wipeout is recorded for repeated reliving after class.

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