SARVO37 Electric Day Cruiser Boat

Posted: February 18, 2021
SARVO37 Electric Day Cruiser Boat

Who's up for some social distancing on a SARVO37 e-boat? This sexy Scandinavian day cruiser will take you a-wave from it all in Instagram-conquering luxury and style that also stays kind to the waters and climates it seeks.

The "electric elegance" of the SARVO37 comes from the combination of a battery system Sarvo Marine developed in-house, and a lightweight, 1280HP motor with torque and power Sarvo says quadruples that of a 2019 Porsche 911 Turbo S. The two drive the SARVO37 to speeds of up to 70 knots, in total silence. The boat cruises for 70 to 100 nautical miles per charge, and can be fully recharged within an hour.

The SARVO37 furthers its green pursuits with the boat's physical construction - the hull is made from 60% recycled aluminum, and the deck from 80% recycled plastic. The "sea-aluminum" Sarvo Marine fabricates for the cruiser is resistant to salt water corrosion, and itself recyclable. Much of the repurposed plastic they use to create the stunning synthetic wood deck is recovered from the ocean.

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