Rover AeroBOTE - Boat in a Duffel Bag

Posted: August 22, 2018
Rover AeroBOTE - Boat in a Backpack
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Yeah, it's a pretty big duffel, but the Rover AeroBOTE, a stand up paddle board-motor boat hybrid, really does deflate, fold up, and stuff inside a wheeled bag you can pull along behind you through tight squeezes and to remote spots other boats could never access. The 12-foot to 3-foot breakdown also expands options for people with small cars and no roof rack, or ye who take rideshare or public transit to the water.

BOTE's 12'6" Rover Aero is a stand up paddle board at heart, and comes with the paddle you'll need to use it as such. But the boat also comes with a Moto Rac, an accessory that inserts into a pair of integrated receivers to, BOTE says, take your Rover Aero "from paddle to power in minutes." You will need to buy and supply your own motor though BOTE recommends the Hidea HDF6 outboard motor to push the boat up to 16 MPH on fishing trips or dinghy runs to and from your larger boat.

The Rover Aero is made of military-grade PVC BOTE says is solid, rigid, and virtually indestructible. It can carry up to 500 pounds of human and gear weight.

In addition to the Rover Aero, paddle, and Moto Rac accessories, the BOTE duffel comes packed with an AeroGo rechargeable electric pump, a hand pump, a paddle sheath, and a sandspear sheath.

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