Pop-up Wind Sail for Paddleboards & Kayaks

Posted: May 25, 2020
Pop-up Wind Sail for Paddleboards & Kayaks
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Ahoy, dudes! Who's ready to set sail this summer on a...stand up paddleboard? Kayak? Canoe? This pop-up wind sail attaches to speed-craving, or just lazy, paddlers' and rowers' chosen water farer to kick your trip up a few knots.

The sail is made of PVC and has 2 carabiners at the bottom to clip to the front of your board or boat. Straps extending from the top of the sail either meet in a "Y" to loop over your paddle, or clip on to the back sides of the board / boat. A clear panel across the middle of the sail allegedly provides a window to see where the lake-and-sea you're going, but from the looks of it...I hope your other 4 senses are good navigators too.

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