Onyx CO2 Automatic Inflating Vest

Posted: October 09, 2014
Onyx Co2 Automatic Inflating Vest
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The U.S. Coast Guard-approved Onyx A/M-24 automatic flotation vest. For kayaking. For boating. For fishing. Definitely for the airplane. Psssh! Let all the other lemmings scramble to get their inflatable life vests and seat flotation devices in order when the mass chaos of a rapid descent breaks out. I'll be chillin' first in line to jump with my Onyx and SOS Parachute already preloaded.

Or maybe I'll just wear it tarpon fishing. My current stats for catching a tarpon and being pulled overboard by a tarpon are 1 and 1.

Onyx's A/M-24 vest uses an embedded CO2 tube to inflate automatically when immersed in water. It also has an optional manual inflation T-cord attachment. When worn dry the vest adds minimal bulk and allows a full range of bodily motion. Its strappy, slim design also keeps wearers from overheating in warm weather.

Vests are made of ripstop nylon material to help resist tears and punctures, and reflective piping to provide greater visibility.

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