Neptunic Steel Mesh Sharksuit

Posted: July 07, 2019
Neptunic Steel Mesh Sharksuit

Neptunic's Sharksuit, a stainless steel chainmail diver's suit, is kinda like cage diving with sharks. Except rather than being inside the cage that's going to protect you, you're wearing it. So you can actually touch the sharks. In the teeth. Taunting, Nom, nom, nom, Sharky McSharkface, how's about a bite of forear- oh! Sike! Just a mouthful of metal for you!

Seriously, though, Neptunic stands by the strength (and lightness) of their Sharksuits, reporting the "world leader in anti shark bite technology" has been "tested by our own team members under the most extreme bite conditions."

Neptunic has been making Sharksuit protective layers for over 30 years, and the company says wearing them will drastically reduce the likelihood of getting torn to pieces, or just sustaining major injury, in the event of a shark attack. How. Ever. They do not guarantee your pristine safety and untouchability while messing around with sharks, regardless of whether or not you're wearing a Neptunic Sharksuit. Got it?

Should you still choose to pursue live action Shark Week adventures, Neptunic Sharksuits come in several pieces. First, the Sharksuit sleeves and tunic, the former worn underneath the latter, create double coverage from the elbow through the upper torso. Sharksuit gloves attach to the sleeves to eliminate wrist exposure. The gloves have a "trap door" in the form of a slotted helix so the diver can remove his / her hand in and out without removing other pieces of the chainmail suit.

Sharksuit pants have a quick release nylon belt sleeve for evenly distributed weight support, and the ability to wear them with or without the included harness. The pants also come with detached booties, which secure underneath them, and above the ankle bone. For full head and neck coverage, plus Monty Python solidarity, add the Sharksuit hood.

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