Live Watersports Catamaran Paddleboards

Posted: May 26, 2020
L4Expedition Catamaran Paddleboard
$2,299 - $2,699
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I must be into predators today. Live Watersports' snake-tongued L2Fish and L4Expedition catamaran paddleboards come hot - no, how about cool and refreshing floating in a crystal clear Caribbean bay? - on the heels of the Shark Steam Mop I ran right before them. Two potentially deadly animals reimagined as coveted household and leisure activity goods.

Well, "coveted" might be a strong word for both. As swell as the mop surely is, between it and an ultra-stable, super speedy, extra roomy stand-up paddleboard with a sick catamaran-style hull, there's no contest which one I'd actually covet.

Live Watersports has 2 models in their catamaran SUP line, the L2Fish and the L4Expedition. The L2Fish is designed specifically for active paddlers who want to use their board for fishing, hunting, and windsurfing excursions, as well as those floating yoga sessions I still cannot believe people who aren't Cirque du Soleil performers can do. In combination with its forked front and back design, the L2Fish uses hollow core construction to increase buoyancy and reduce the board's weight to volume ratio. A tunnel in the hull minimizes its surface area on the water to further lessen drag, "allowing the L2Fish to slice through the water with speed to rival many racing boards on the market today." This SUP is 12'6" long x 34" wide. It weighs 51 pounds and has a load capacity of 500 pounds.

If the L2Fish is Live Watersports' sport paddleboard, the L4Expedition is its cruiser. At 14' long, it provides 8' of deck space and a 700-pound load capacity. Paddlers can move around with similar ease on the L4Expedition, but will be able to bring more stuff, and more paddlers, with them.

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