HotTug - Hot Tub Tug Boat

Posted: October 05, 2012
Hot Tug - Hot Tub Tug Boat
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Why thank you, Dutch peoples. I think I would like a wood-fired hot tub in which I can sail, and a tugboat in which I can enjoy warm baths. HotTug is a wood-hulled boat fitted with fiberglass reinforced polyester and a stainless steel, wood-burning stove for the ultimate one-two punch of relaxation: cruising and chilling in hot, bubbly water.

HotTugs measure 8' x 12.5' x 3.6' and come either A) equipped for the installation of an integrated, 2.4 KW electric motor with outboard engine (not included) or B) as an E-power model with an electric Minnkota RT 160 EM motor, two 12-volt batteries, and a charger ($19,400). Regardless of temperatures and weather conditions, the stove will fire up its wood and heat the tub water to 100 degrees F in about 2-1/2 hours.

HotTugs remind me of that Little Big Town song "Pontoon". Not that I listen to country music. HotTugs also seem like a piece of equipment that should not be mixed with alcohol and monkey business, even though the very reason most people will buy one is probably to mix it with alcohol and monkey business.

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