D-Mask Full-Face Smart Dive Mask

Posted: June 08, 2018
D-Mask Full-Face Smart Dive Mask

Though still just a concept, it looks like the D-Mask, a SCUBA mask with smart features that fits over the diver's whole face, could take the Tribord Easybreath snorkeling mask to new heights depths.

ZJ-DDG designed D-Mask hardware to secure around the forehead, jaw, and chin, rather than just the forehead and cheekbones. Same as the Easybreath, with the ideas being: 1) a 180-degree view; and 2) more points of contact for less pressure against your face, especially around the sinuses; and 3) less facial restriction during breathing, since the masks eliminate the need for a snorkel / SCUBA regulator mouthpiece.

You can use the D-Mask on its own as a snorkeling mask, or connect it to a hose and air tank to produce a sealed oxygen supply that flows across your entire mouth and nose. One, it appears, fellow divers who panic can't snatch away or flail and knock out of your mouth like a typical reg. But I do wonder if this configuration would naturally increase oxygen consumption and empty your tank faster during dives. Maybe not at all. I really know nothing about human oxygen consumption, except that I am a loyal and proud consumer.

In addition to its physical design changes, the D-Mask would advance past the Easybreath with the smart features and tech it would add to the diving experience. The mask would have a bone-conduction radio system for listening to music and - this would be pretty sweet - communicating with other divers. No more hand signals and waterproof dry erase boards! Built-in LED headlamps would provide hands-free lighting in deep waters and during night dives. And a head-up projected display on the D-Mask face lens would give you a heads up on water conditions, depth, pressure, and weather.

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