Convertible Car Pool Float

Posted: July 07, 2020
Convertible Car Pool Float

Stay cool and look cool in the swimmin' hole this summer with a big ol' Convertible Car Pool Float. Tell her you'll be the Danny to her Sandy as you give the inflatable built for two as a gift to your girlfriend, and you might add a little heat to your cool vibes too.

The Convertible Car Pool Float measures an impressive 105" long x 59" wide but, according to maker Hoovy, holds a significantly less impressive 200 pounds of floaters. 200 pounds total?! That has to be a typo, and if it's not, what a top-down letdown. I definitely think individuals and dynamic duos should hit the waters with the floating convertible and put its weight limit to the test.

Maybe not in the deep end, or too far from shore though, 'eh?

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