AquaJet H2 Handheld Sea Scooter

Posted: March 14, 2018
$699 - $1,299
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Scooters on land, not my thing. But a scooter underwater? I'm listening, AquatJet. The AquaJet H2 is a handheld underwater sea scooter, a wing-shaped gadget that propels riders through water at speeds of up to 5.6 mph, depths of up to 60', and for times of up to 100 minutes per charge.

The H2 endeavors to facilitate more free, widespread, and aerodynamic water explorations. While you'll need to provide your own breathing apparatus - Easybreath maybe? - AquaJet opens up a broader and, they'd probably say, more exciting way to enjoy the ocean, and the life beneath its surface. You can also stay above the surface, and ride the waves with an H2.

AquaJet H2 motors will have 3 speeds (controls at the ring wing) and intuitive operation suitable for people ages 16 to 60. The scooter also has built-in safety provisions such as positive buoyancy so you can make a quick ascent in an emergency, or if you just overestimate your lung capacity.

If you're interested in being one of the first to own an H2, head over the AquaJet Kickstarter campaign and make pledge for a sea scooter there. Estimated delivery date is July 2018.

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