Zero Tolerance 0022 Pocket Knife

Posted: February 06, 2019
Zero Tolerance 0022 Pocket Knife
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In designing the 0022 flipper knife Tim Galyean gave Zero Tolerance a tiny task: build the smallest ZT the blade brand has ever made.

With a blade less than 2" long and closed length of 3", the ZT 0022 is a true pocket knife and easy piece of EDC. It's also a looker, made with a carbon fiber front scale and stonewashed titanium back handle, and smoky teal accent ring at the pivot.

Small, sexy aesthetics aside, the ZT 0022 blade is made of hard CPM 20CV steel, corrosion- and wear-resistant, and fully prepared to assist with a range of home and office cutting and slicing needs. The knife's smooth KVT ball-bearing opening, and probably in-house testing of it, leads Zero Tolerance to believe a fair number of ZT 0022 owners will also "find it a useful accompaniment to deep thought, flipping it open and closed, again and again."

At printing the ZT 0022 pocket knife was a forthcoming piece of Zero Tolerance's 2019 collection.

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