Wild Turkey 14.5" Tracker Knife

Posted: March 03, 2020
Wild Turkey Tracker Knife
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The Wild Turkey Tracker Knife tracks neither live wild turkey nor bottled Wild Turkey, though if you try to use it as such, you yourself could be considered a turkey gone wild, and therefore the ideal owner of a Wild Turkey Tracker Knife.

Joking aside, the name of this 14.5" full tang fixed blade knife comes from its brand, the Wild Turkey Handmade Collection. It's the largest of several tracker knives in the company's line and, in my opinion, the one with the most visual interest. The 9" high carbon steel blade's textured, distressed treatment make it look more like a snake or an alligator than a wild turkey. Or maybe a corn on the cob, which would at least make sense insofar as I'll bet wild turkeys would like to eat some of those. Mmm, me too, turkeys, me too.

The Wild Turkey Tracker Knife has a 5.5" smooth wood handle and comes with a leather sheath.

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