VSSL First Aid Flashlight

Posted: December 09, 2019
VSSL First Aid Flashlight

They call the VSSL First Aid Flashlight "the ultimate 'vessel'." Probably because in addition to using the carefully curated medical kit inside the VSSL to treat your own injuries, you can also use the virtually indestructible military grade aluminum case the supplies are packed in to inflict injury upon anyone who'd put you in need of a first aid kit to begin with.

And then you can use the VSSL First Aid provisions to patch them up if - oops! - it turns out the attacker is actually your friend Cornelius coming back to camp after taking a 2 a.m. whizz.

In addition to the rugged and watertight VSSL canister, the exterior ends of the First Aid Flashlight contain a compass and the item's namesake, a 4-mode LED light. Unscrew them to reveal the VSSL first aid roll, which includes Steri-Strip wound closures, Celox hemostatic dressings, and disposable thermometers, in addition to your standard first-aid kit contents.

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