Victoper 200,000-Lumen Spotlight

Posted: October 13, 2023
Victoper 200,000-Lumen Spotlight
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Here's a little something for your next interrogation. The Victoper 200,000-Lumen Spotlight doesn't just illuminate, it does the Lord's work. With advanced P70 light chips whose irradiation distance reaches 2,624', it proclaims, "Let there be Light!"

While God himself doesn't power Victoper's LED spotlight, the 12,000 mAh rechargeable battery that does is still pretty strong, and can run up to 14 hours in Weak Light mode. The torch has 6 modes in total: Strong Light, Weak, Light, and Strobe on its primary round beam; and Strong Light, Weak Light, and RED-BLUE Strobe on its pair of square sidelights. Victoper also includes 3 color lenses with each spotlight, so you can blaze your 200,000 lumens in blue, red, or yellow, in addition to its default white.

A USB charging port on the side is the most practical way to recharge the spotlight battery, but in emergency or survival situations, a set of solar panels on the back will also get the job done in 10 to 20 hours.

Even if you don't regularly interrogate people, the Victoper 200,000-Lumen Spotlight can serve you well as a boat light, a lost pet search tool, or a beacon / warning light when life goes sideways.

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