Trail Boss Packable Work Tool

Posted: September 03, 2013
Trail Boss Packable Work Tool
$520 - $565
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I didn't realize there were people out there into running or hiking a trail, and then doing more grunt work grooming or reconfiguring it as their reward for finishing without passing out. Is this a new extreme sport? I also didn't realize our country's parks departments approved of the average citizen dinking around with and "fixing" their publicly funded installations. Good thing the Trail Boss both appeases the fanatical workhorses out there with its multiple tool heads and rigid, full-length handle, and allows them to complete their trail rehab efforts stealthily with its ultra-lightweight and compact nature.

The Trail Boss tool collapses to fit inside a standard-sized hydration pack or day pack; you'll hardly feel it, and no one else will see it until trail surgery go-time begins. Tool heads include a McLeod rake, pick/mattock, axe/mattock, shovel, and saw. Handle segments, fabricated from pultruded structural fiberglass and precision machined 6061-T651 aluminum couplings, come in 12" or 16" lengths, and are combinable for size customization according to the surrounding space and grade.

I'm liking the McLeod steel plate head. Any bear tries to attack me while I'm packing that toothy beast and his ass is a double bacon bear burger with cheese. ... If he'll just hang on a sec so I can grab my Trail Boss out of its rucksack and Optimus Prime that shit together.

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

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