Stikkan Kindling Maker

Posted: December 29, 2017
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I was a fan of the Stikkan kindling maker before it caused a huge fight between me and She-Ra: Princess of Power. I said, "Hey, look at this firewood splitter video. You mount it to a wall or tree outside and it makes making kindling, like, 7 times easier than using an axe or hatchet."

And she goes, "How do you know it's soooo easy? Because they have a woman do the demo in the video? Oh look at the dainty damsel Mary Jane in her pink hat and puffy mittens! Even she can use a Stikkan in between baking cookies and getting rescued from a life of loneliness by that doofus hovering over her making sure she doesn't F up and slice the top half of those sweet mittened fingers off with the cutting wedge!"

And I said, "Well, maybe she is sweet and dainty, and look how good she's cutting up kindling with the Stikkan. You aren't sweet and dainty at all, so imagine how easy it would be for you!"

We won't be purchasing a Stikkan this winter.

That means there's one more left for you, if you need to break down firewood with a tool that brings way more leverage and way less bending over to the process. The Stikkan mounts to walls, posts, or trees. Once you insert a log, push down on the lever to slice through it with the steel wedge, adjusting up the splitter's notched log holders to achieve the right cutting angle. It typically takes 3 or 4 strokes per cut.

Made from cast iron, the Stikkan can split wood up to 14" long.

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