Spyderco Roadie 2" Folding Knife

Posted: August 18, 2019
Spyderco Roadie 2" Folding Knife
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Spyderco's Roadie folding knife is the product of best laid plans foiled. Foiled by the TSA. In 2013, a decade-plus after 9/11, the TSA tossed around a plan to change US security regulations and allow some types of knives on airplanes again. In response, Spyderco developed what is now the Roadie, a "highly functional non-locking pocketknife that would have conformed with the TSA's proposed guidelines."

TSA later withdrew the proposal to modify its carry-on regulations, but Spyderco went ahead with its Roadie. I mean, they already had the design finished and, more importantly, had come up with the perfect name, so why not?

Deemed a "highly evolved penknife" the Roadie's proudest attribute is its Spyderco trademarked Double Dent. AKA dimples. A symmetrical pair in the blade that facilitate opening it with two hands but no fingernails. The Double Dents, unlike traditional nail ticks, also resist turning into a reservoir for dirt and debris.

The Roadie is a non-locking folder with a 2" flat-ground sheepfoot-style N690Co steel blade. When open, a notched-joint mechanism holds it in place during use, while an index finger choil prevents accidental closure. Overall knife length is 5.08". The Roadie handle is made of fiberglass-reinforced-nylon (FRN) scales, available in several colors.

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