Spyderco Dog Tag Folding Knife

Posted: June 08, 2015
Spyderco Dog Tag Folding Knife
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If you already have a Bug in your Spyderco knife collection, consider a Dog for your next addition to the menagerie. The Spyderco Dog Tag Folder stems from one of knife maker Serge Panchenko's designs. It looks and hangs very similar to a military issue dog tag, but obviously deviates from its model with a chisel-ground CPM S30V blade that nestles into and rotates out of a titanium handle. Both blade and handle are coated in black titanium carbonitride.

Spyderco gave its Dog Tag Folder a 1.23" blade with a plain sharp edge. Closed the knife measures 2" long, and open 3.23".

Muchas danke to The Man's Man.

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