RoofScope Gear Mirror

Posted: June 13, 2014
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I don't really need a RoofScope gear mirror since I don't do outdoor activities, but here's why I strongly recommend one for those who do. My dentist's office is in this ghetto, horseshoe-shaped building whose back end is built up on stilts to accommodate the site's downslope. You enter at the top of a declining parking lot, park sloped sideways, and then exit on the other end, underneath the building. So every other time I go to get my teeth cleaned I'm sitting in Dr. Norbert's chair, and then suddenly everything starts to shake and I hear this apocalyptic rumbling from below. And I'm like, F'ing great. I just found out I need 3 fillings, and now the world's about to split open at its seams and burst into flames. Definitely not going out on a high.... But really it's not the End of Days, it's just some jackass with bikes on his roof who misjudged his ability to clear the building driving out of the parking lot.

With a RoofScope mirror mounted to their cars' hoods, this sort of gear destruction--and dental appointment disruption--would not happen. A RoofScope also enables drivers to keep an eye on their equipment while driving on the highway or over speed bumps and rugged terrain, and makes it easier to see if the kids are getting physical with each other up there, even if you're pretty sure you strapped down their arms and legs tight enough that they couldn't even if they wanted to.

RoofScopes consist of a non-damaging suction cup base that twists to tighten, a tilting arm, a mirror mount, and the slightly convex mirror itself. Installation requires no additional tools, and the RoofScope can be attached and detached as needed.

Muchas danke to Gizmodo.

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