RMJ Tactical Jungle Dagger

Posted: July 31, 2018
RMJ Tactical Jungle Dagger
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Just a few lucky ducks will be able to jungle boogie down with this Jungle Dagger. Ryan Johnson has designed and produced a pre-production run of the blade for RMJ Tactical, 50 pieces total, handcrafted to ensure their fit and finish is to his liking.

At printing, RMJ Tactical had Jungle Daggers with black and green / black G10 handles still available. Both are fitted with 6.75" 80CrV2 steel blades, cryo heat treated and coated with a tungsten cerakote finish. The blade design is pretty alright too, a sexy amalgamation of curvy, ridged, and pointy bits, with an outer layer texturing reminiscent of any number of jungle snakes I do not even want to think about after last weekend, when I saw an Amazon rainforest exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium that included a 300-pound anaconda.

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