Reapr Versa TAC Pry Bar

Posted: June 08, 2020
Reapr Versa TAC Wrecking Bar
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To my mama: I came in like a wreeeee-cking bar / I never pried so hard outdoors / All I wanted was to strip your walls / Of the siding that was lee-ee-eeky / Yeah it was lee-ee-eeky.

Thank you. Please check out my new single, "Reapr Versa TAC Pry Bar," on Spotify.

Reapr's Versa TAC Pry Bar is big for an EDC, but sized just right for your survival kit, or your Chores at Mama's House Weekender Kit. On its business end you'll find the namesake pry bar at the end of a 4" head / blade. This thick piece of 420 stainless steel also houses a ripper hook, wrench, and chisel. About 6" away, at the other end of the raised powder-coated, wrinkle finish-handle, the Versa Tac has a nail puller. The multi-tool comes sheathed in a 1680D ballistic nylon belt pouch with MOLLE attachment. A fine and fairly priced gift for a man.

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