Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator

Posted: August 17, 2019
Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator
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I just bought this Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator, and will update when I test it out, but what prompted this purchase was my local gas station charging me $1.50 for mother f**king air. And not just $1.50, $1.50 in quarters, which I had to stand in line inside to change dollars out for before being able to pay the stupid air pump $1.50 to give me air. I was so mad I probably could have blown 5 psi into each of my tires myself.

JOYROOM says their portable tire inflator has a 150 psi maximum working pressure and, plugged into your cigarette lighter, can inflate P185/R14 tires from 0 - 28 psi in 2 minutes or less. A digital pressure gauge on top provides a running readout in your choice of psi, kpa, bar or kg/cm2, with LED backlighting for nighttime use. Note, though, that some of the reviews I read say the pressure gauge part is whack, and they don't rely on it. I'll still keep my trusty pencil gauge in the glove box.

The JOYROOM air compressor also has an auto shutoff feature that allows you to select your desired tire pressure and have the system stop when it reaches the number. It shuts down automatically when overloading too.

In addition to inflating tires, you can also use this air compressor for sports balls, air mattresses, water toys, and other inflatables. It has a 10' power cord that should reach all 4 tires of your car, truck, or SUV.

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