Pit Boss Fire Pit Poker & World's Largest Bottle Opener

Posted: May 02, 2020
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One thing I learned from the video for the Pit Boss Fire Pit Poker - and world's largest bottle opener! - is that it might be fun to play Jenga with my campfire logs. I wonder how long it takes to operate the 58" steel poker with the dexterity and finesse of the dude repping Pit Boss in that mesmerizing scene.

Pit Boss' Fire Pit Poker is made to manhandle16" cord sized firewood, such as that you'd chop with the Kindling Cracker. When all the heavy lifting precise maneuvering is done, use the other end of the poker, the "world's largest bottle opener" end - to pop open the beer you'll drink as you sit around the fire admiring your handiwork.

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