Orvis Nordic Pocket Saw

Posted: January 31, 2018
Orvis Nordic Pocket Saw

Though I wouldn't be surprised if Orvis Nordic Pocket Saw were the name of the next film in the Saw movie series, for once I am happy to say that this saw is just another survival tool. Flexible and lightweight, Orvis' version of the Nordic creation works basically like chainsaw, except the work of the 3.2HP mechanical motor powering its 65cm chain is left to your own 3.2HP biological motor. And those grippy things with the 10 spindles you've got at the ends of it.

Wrap the pocket saw's chain around or under your target branch or stump and grab on to the handles. The saw has double cutter teeth on every major link that will chew in both directions and, if Orvis is to be believed, make the motion feel effortless. When you're finished collecting your camping kindling, walking stick, or future wizard's staff, roll up the Nordic pocket saw and slide it into the included Cordura case until the next time Billy the Puppet nature calls.

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