Onegee Bungee Adjustable Bungee Cord

Posted: November 14, 2016
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Onegee Bungee to rule them all. Really. According to the makers of this adjustable bungee system, without the restrictions of a set length and stretch you'll find thousands of applications for the cords and their slide-and-lock composite hooks. Camping. Moving. In and around boats. Gear tie-down in truck beds, on car roofs, and at the back of bikes. Criss-crossed into a new dining room chair seat when you accidentally send a foot through one of them standing on it to get the leftover Halloween candy your girlfriend hid from you in the cabinet over the refrigerator....

Onegee Bungee hooks adjust from both ends with a simple lift of the cord to free it, slide of the hook to your preferred position, and press back down to relock into the hook housing's double row of teeth. Once your length is set, Onegee cords' 1" diameter tapered hooks will fit snugly on 1" stainless steel boat rails, dollies, hand trucks, and bicycle handlebars, plus slip into tarp grommets. You can also remove the hooks and attach them to rope for further versatility.

Onegee Bungee cords are made of a 5/16" marine-grade polyester jackets with virgin rubber cores. At rest they measure 36" long, and can stretch up to 72". Onegees come in orange, green, and white, and are made in the USA.

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