Omniblade Machete Multi-Tool

Posted: September 06, 2020
Omniblade Machete Multi-Tool
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Uh, I know it's called an Omniblade, but I still wonder if it's wise to hold this apocalypse-ready machete multi-tool from omni ends. For example, it seems like the Omniblade grip the dude in the photo has chosen is just as likely to incur a gutting of his own self during wielding as it is to hack apart the zombie he goes up against.

To its credit, the Omniblade's fusion of a machete, a tomahawk, and a saw looks real good. Bloody good is perhaps the best superlative for it. And when its makers say the dynamic tool / wreaker of havoc has a "one-of-a-kind design" they're certainly not exaggerating.

Omniblade Machete Multi-Tools come wrapped at key pressure points with either black, camo, or orange paracord. A sheath is included with blade purchases as well.

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