Olight Warrior X Turbo 1000-Meter Flashlight

Posted: October 02, 2021
Olight Warrior X Turbo 1000-Meter Flashlight
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When Mother Nature throws darkness, you throw Olight. And when some dude in the park throws shade about your obnoxious flashlight, you...don't even notice because the Warrior X Turbo is throwing a full 1,100 lumens of light at a Canada goose that's 1,000 meters away. Holy crap, 1,000 meters! That's a powerful little torch!

1,000 meters also represents the minimum distance I like to keep between myself and Canada geese. Those are some damn mean-spirited birds.

Olight is no stranger to torches o' power - see the X9R Marauder and its 25,000 lumens - but the Warrior X Turbo stands out for its especially far-reaching beam, and long runtime. A fully charged 5000mAh 21700 Warrior X Turbo battery can function for up to 12-1/2 hours.

Olight gives the Warrior X Turbo Flashlight a "tactical" designation not just for its power and compactness, but also its tactical rings, minimalist two-step tail switch, and vibration power indicator. The camo coat doesn't hurt either.

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