Nyala Knife with Microsilk Spider Silk Handle

Posted: July 19, 2018
Nyala Knife with Microsilk Spider Silk Handle
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The Microsilk-handled Nyala Knife is Best Made's second collaboration with industrial biotechnology firm Bolt Threads. Following the success of 2017's Cap of Courage, Bolt suggested spinning their same bio-engineered spider silk fibers into Microsilk composite knife handles, a perfect fit for Best Made's line of blades and axes. The Nyala Knife is the result.

For those not familiar, Microsilk is a genetically engineered fiber that replicates the high tensile strength, elasticity, and durability of the silk fibers spiders spin. It is typically used in fabrics and garments - even armor - but for the Nyala Knife venture, Bolt Threads has created a Microsilk composite handle to complement the S35VN steel full-tang blade.

Nyala Knife blade machining, plus stonewashing, assembly, and hand-finishing come courtesy of Chris Reeve Knives. With a fixed, 3.75" blade, and extending 8-1/2" overall, you can use the Nyala as a utility or skinner knife. Weight is 5.96 ounces. It comes in colors Gold and Midnight. It will probably attract spiders.

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