Norse Tradesman One-Handed Viking Battle Axe

Posted: December 29, 2019
Norse Tradesman One-Handed Viking Battle Axe
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The good news is that this Norse Tradesman One-Handed Viking Battle Axe is fitted with a hand-forged skegg carbon steel axe head that's been heat treated to a 56 - 58 Rockwell scale hardness. Norse Tradesman says the Nordic replica axe is "no toy, and is fully functional."

The bad news is that they go on to say "...we do advise against cleaving down your enemies, as this will result in imprisonment. Also, this axe is NOT for chopping wood." So. Shard head, fully functional, not a toy, very dangerous, but, like, don't actually use it for anything, K?

Maybe Viking cosplay, but only if you keep it sheathed.

Additional One-Handed Viking Battle Axe specs that will do you no good if you need firewood and / or want to stay out of prison include:

  • An axe handle made from a single piece of aged teakwood, with a thick harness leather cross stitch and grip.
  • Norse Elder Futhark runes along the axe's aged hardwood shaft to enhance the authentic look of the replica.
  • Handle length of 24", 6" axe head, 6" semi-sharp blade edge, 2-pound total axe weight.

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