Nomad Super Compact Survival Bow

Posted: February 11, 2016
Nomad Super Compact Survival Bow
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The Nomad is a small bow for small spaces, small animals, or big problems. Apocalyptic problems. The survival bow and arrow set from Xpectre breaks down and slides inside a pouch just 16" in length.

The bow consists of 2 x fiberglass / resin limbs that slide into a single bracket, and then into brackets mounted to a riser. No tools required. The bow set comes with 3 x survival arrows that screw together and sit in the carrying pouch, which doubles as a quiver during use. An arrow rest is also included.

The Nomad has a 45-pound draw and 26" to 28" draw length. It probably won't take down a deer. But the hideaway tool could serve you well as a "just in case" or target practice companion.

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