Nite Ize Figure-9 Rope Tightener

Posted: May 09, 2018
Nite Ize Figure-9 Rope Tightener
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Forget using a bandana to learn knots! In fact, forget knots altogether with Nite Ize's Figure-9 Rope Tightener. The Figure-9 is a simple, sturdy metal tool whose funky bends and curves enable the securing of ropes and lines with looping rather than tying...and untying...and retying...and untying to let some out...and retying....

Many Figure-9 enthusiasts use the tightener for the guy lines on their tents and hammocks, and give it very high marks for durability, quickness, and ease of use - the latter two once you get the hang of it. To make the getting the hang of it part a little easier, Nite Ize includes step-by-step instructions both in the package, and printed on the Figure-9 itself.

Additional Figure-9 uses include tying awkward objects together, or to the back of a vehicle, and organizing garage tools and gear nice and sound, suspended and dangling over your wife's new car. In addition to surpassing complex cam tension devices and boing!-y bungee cords in the easy-to-use category, the Figure-9 also controls the your ropes during the release, loosening the tension without a sudden unloading.

Nite Ize Figure-9 Rope Tighteners come in sizes Small and Large. Small tighteners fit rope sizes 1/16" to 3/16" and have a 50-pound load limit. Large Figure-9s handle ropes 1/8" to 3/8' and have a 150-pound load limit.

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