Newcon Optik Sniper Detection System

Posted: July 15, 2015
Newcon Optik Sniper Detection System

I read that in honor of Prime Day Amazon is going to be discounting a pair of very highly rated binoculars to less than $120. Oh boy, I sure hope Newcon Optik's LAS 1000 Sniper Detection System is it! These way-more-than-binoculars use an eye-safe laser scanner to detect a host of passive optical and electro-optical devices, including other binoculars, night vision devices, weapon sights, range poles, datum optical markers, and leveling rods equipped with optical reflectors. Detection is possible even if the sought device is hidden behind bushes, windows, or windshields. In other words, nyet the LAS 1000 won't uncover a sniper by shot, movement, or stench, but if he's using an optical reflector of any kind, the device will mark his position with a red dot in its viewfinder, and sound an optional audio signal.

Once the detector laser-spots an offending signal, it measures the object's precise distance, effective from 100 to 2,000 meters away with a plus or minus 10 meter accuracy. Newcon Optik's device is fitted with a 910nm laser. Scanning speed is up to 45 degrees per second. As plain old binoculars the sniper detectors magnify 7x, which I just read is perfect for the theater.

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