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Posted: November 07, 2012
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1. Check out the video above of a dude dumping Hershey's Chocolate Syrup on a white Keds tennis shoe treated with NeverWet. 2. Be amazed by NeverWet's water-, oil-, and apparent chocolate-syrup-repelling technology. 3. Read more about NeverWet below, and hope that its projected consumer market arrival date of 2012 still holds true*. I need this stuff for my coat, my shoes, my backpack, my windshield, and my bike, and I bet any parent out there could use a can of NeverWet to spray down their kids.

Ross Nanotechnology's super hydrophobic coating--presumably set to debut in an aerosol-type can--promises to comprehensively repel water and heavy oils. Creator Dr. Vinod Sikka says, "Any object coated with our NeverWet coating literally cannot be touched by liquid." And when stubborn molecules try anyway, they just glide off like a funky amoebic blob, keeping dry underlying surfaces dry, white underlying surfaces white, and lipophobic underlying surfaces from having a panic attack.

In addition to obvious aesthetic and novelty consumer uses, NeverWet has myriad possibilities to assist in "real" and "important" protective endeavors. Consider metal and wood surfaces that traditionally corrode and degrade from water exposure. Fencing, stairs and handrails, outdoor furniture. NeverWet also shields electrical equipment, such as motors and switches, from water-spurned failure. Even better for those in snowy climates, NeverWet can prevent icing since it keeps water from ever penetrating prone areas to begin with.

Hospitals and germophobes, you might want to listen up too. Spraying toilets, plungers, bedpans, and other implements exposed to high quantities of bacteria with NeverWet will actually repel their germs--without water penetration, tests of the traditionally filthy objects show that virtually no bacteria are able to live on their surfaces. Cool. Once I get my hands on a can of NeverWet, I'll be able to bankroll my weekends accepting bets to lick bottoms of shoes and urinals.

But I do wonder, and leave you with this probing inquiry: if I coat my insides with NeverWet, will I be able to eat pumpkin old-fashioned donut upon pumpkin old-fashioned donut without absorbing the calories?

Muchas danke to Chris for the product suggestion.

*Update: Officially released in June 2013.

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