Nemo Special Ops Drill

Posted: November 03, 2015
Nemo Special Ops Drill
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Pick up Nemo's Special Ops salt-water-resistant, concealed-carry drill, load it up with a 31/64 bit, and drive that sucker right through your heart. Because if the fact that this weapon of mass construction is currently sold out doesn't kill you, the $1,720 price tag it will carry once Nemo gets it back in stock will surely take over from there.

So what makes a drill Special Ops? Besides an all-black paint job? Nemo has designed its drill with a depth rating of 328' (hence the resistance to salt water) and 1,000-watt brushless technology for efficiency and durability even during use where you might find another Nemo. It's also logo-free to further promote its stealthiness. The drill comes with a pressure valve and pump for pressurization, plus 2 x 6Ah batteries. The set also includes a diving headlamp, diving tool belt with tool bag, and waterproof bag to keep the battery charger dry. If you're going on a secret diving mission, doing submarine repairs, or think you might need to detach a door during an underwater car chase, Nemo has you covered.

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