Myerchin Marlin Spike

Posted: December 06, 2020
Myerchin Marlin Spike
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Myerchin's Marlin Spike is too big to be a toothpick, too small to be a fire poker, too blunt to skewer me some kebabs...so what exactly is it? What the EDConundrum is a marlin spike?

Sailors, boaters, and survivalists amongst you will recognize this maritime tool, but for everyone else, a marlin spike is used for tasks such as untying knots, unlaying rope for splicing, and as a toggle to connect ropes under tension. Away from the sea, it's probably most handy for the first one, loosening knots you've tied around the house, outdoors, or while practicing with your PRO-KNOT Booklet.

The Myerchin Marlin Spike is 7" long and comes with a leather sheath.

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