Mini Electric Chainsaw

Posted: January 21, 2022
Mini Electric Chainsaw
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4 inches of pure power! OK, maybe the Mini Electric Chainsaw is more like 4 inches of maybe medium, like 5/10 power, that makes up for it with a light, 2.8-pound weight, 13" total length, and rechargeable 20v, 2.0Ah battery that allows you to saw for 15 to 25 minutes cord-free.

The Mini Electric Chainsaw has a copper motor and chain design its makers say give fast and efficient cutting capabilities. The toothy little track blade is ideal for use in pruning small branches, brush, and garden growth, woodcutting, and greenhouse maintenance. Its makers also say the Mini Electric Chainsaw "can also easily controlled and used by women."

Hey, that is a direct quote from the Mini Electric Chainsaw description. You can direct your complaints to the ORLEMO brand customer service department, or leave an outraged, 1-star review for the Mini Electric Chainsaw on its purchase page at your leisure.

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